Friday, June 19, 2009

Wireless baby

We're so very happy to report that for the first time in his 25 months of life, Nathan went to bed without his oximeter wires attached to his foot. We got a call this afternoon from Dr. K who said that Nathan's sleep study had gone well enough for us to no longer need to monitor his oxygen sats and heart rate. Yipee!!!! We now have a wireless baby!!!! So very happy to not have to lug the oximeter with us to Hawaii tomorrow.

We don't have all of the test results back yet, but we do know some things.
* Nathan still has reflux and needs to continue with his medication.

* Nathan most likely has epilepsy... his EEG did show spikes in his occipital region. The jury is still out on whether to medicate or not. Nathan's seizures occur fairly infrequently. He hasn't had as many episodes that have caused him to have difficulty breathing. He may outgrow the seizures all together over time.

* Nathan's lungs looked good when they did the scope a couple of weeks ago, but when they got the test results back, the markers showed inflammation and infection... so we started on another round of antibiotics.

* Nathan doesn't have any airway problems... the scope of those parts looked great!

* Nathan's sleep study showed no apnea and normal, though slightly on the lower side, oxygenation. It was significant only for snoring... and there is talk of removing his tonsils and adenoids.

* Since getting his tubes in, Nathan has started babbling and has started mimicking words.... and has even used a few words to REQUEST things!!!! Thus far in his short little life, Nathan has been on "silent mode". It is wonderfully strange to listen to him "talk" up a storm.

Blessings to you all and many many thanks for praying for our little miracle boy,
Kari and family


Anthony's Mommy said...

This is wonderful to hear! Sounds like he is making a lot of changes and just charging forward!

Also so happy to hear that he's talking. As you know it looks like we are getting tubes in a couple weeks after Anthony finishes 1 round of antibiotics. Hopefully He starts talking as well!


Linda said...

So good to hear things are improving. Enjoy your trip, you've earned it.