Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spring Poems

Only 6 more days of school left for the twins! That means that they have been bringing home all kinds of goodies from school.... My favorites have been samples of their art work and writing. Thought I'd share their Spring poems. I've left the spelling just the way that they wrote it! :)

Sprouting daffodils
People play outside
Robins fly back from the south
Insects start biting
Nests get built
Grass starts growing
by Elizabeth

Sprouting tulips
Poison ivy like a bee that stung you
Roses sprout threw the carpet of the earth
I play at my fort
Night moon shines like a shining mirror
Glowing moon as bright as the sun
by Andrew

I love them!!!

I can't believe that Alex is finished with kindergarten. I got a bit emotional last night when I realized that I only have a few more days of being "alone" with Alex. Well, not really alone. Nathan is always with us. But.... in another week the twins will be home full time. And then in the Fall child #3 will be at school all day with the twins. Yikes! Where did time go? How can he be that grown up?

I think these feelings have been heightened lately because we have attended three high school graduation parties in the past two weeks. I've been feeling fairly "old". :) I've known those kids since they were about a year old! How can they possibly be heading off to college.

I also realized that my niece, who just turned 17, was Elizabeth's age at our wedding 9 years ago..... that seems like just yesterday. The twins are now half way to being able to drive.

Trying to savor time with my "little" kids while they grow up right before my eyes!

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Anonymous said...

They are on their way to being poets!