Friday, June 26, 2009

Resident Alarm Clock

When I thought about visiting Hawaii, I thought about a lot of things...... beautiful beaches, waterfalls, mountains, lots of sun, rainbows.... colorful fish... all kinds of things... but... NOT roosters. There are roosters and chickens all over the island. They roam free on the streets, in the markets, and around the resort. We see them several times a day. Nathan loves them and exclaims, "Bird" whenever he sees one... and then gives chase. The roosters over here are different than any I've ever seen. Do you know that roosters roost in the tops of trees? That rooster that makes noise at 5 AM that sounds like it is right outside our window, is LITERALLY right outside our window... and we are on the second floor! I kid you not.
We were sitting on the lanei last night and Andrew was telling us about his super fun helicopter adventure when he suddenly exclaimed, "Mommy, I think I see a rooster in the top of the tree right there". We looked at him incredulously, and turned toward the tree. There was our resident alarm clock staring right back at us through the tree branches.
You can see how high the little guy is above the parking lot below. It would have been fun to see the rooster fly up to the top of the tree.
When the rooster woke us up this morning, Hutch went out to check if it were the one in the tree. Sure enough, it was. Maybe he'd like to find a different tree to sleep in tonight... .or maybe the bull frogs would like to move to a different pond!

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JD said...

I'd heard that about Hawaii (the roosters, chickens and loud frogs), but it's way more fun to see it in these photos! I never knew Roosters enjoyed being up high, or that they could get up that high... wow!