Friday, December 12, 2008

A couple of kid "funnies"

Andrew was watching Daddy put on a tie the other day. Daddy began to tell him about the proper way to tie a tie. Andrew commented, "I hate ties". I asked him what he would do if he had to wear a tie to work. Andrew responded with, "I'd put up with it , but i wouldn't be smiling underneath my face".

The kids all got a pair of new jammies the other day. Daddy was putting Elizabeth to bed and Elizabeth announced, "I feel like Mommy". Daddy asked her why she felt like Mommy. Elizabeth replied, "My clothes are too big!" Got to love that!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Elf Update

Well, our elf finally has a name - Beethoven. The kids had the hardest time coming up with a name - so much so that the little elf got quite upset and Santa had to keep him with him at the North Pole for a night to try to cheer him up.

The kids were thinking of all kinds of names - "Ode to Joy", "Snowflake", "Marshmallow", "Mr. Bump", "Elfkin", "Sebastian", "Bell", "Bach", "Mozart", "Mr. Silly", and "Twizzler". The kids each felt strongly about the name they wanted. Finally, out of fear that the elf might not return, the kids carefully drafted a note to Santa and told him all of the names they were considering. They asked Santa to name the elf for them. Santa was happy to oblige and our little elf was named Beethoven. He returned ot our household that very night.

Beethoven has already gotten into mischief twice since his arrival. His first night back he decided to give himself a tattoo.... but instead managed to cover his entire body in Christmas stickers.

Last night Beethoven decided to sample cookies for Santa.... Elizabeth found him in the cookie jar this morning with chocolate chip cookie crumbs all over him. Perhaps he will take a bath tonight!

Tune in later for more elf adventures!

The Illusive Christmas Card Photo

It's that time of year again.... the annual struggle to get your offspring to pose for a photo for your Christmas cards. Someone is always missing, looking away, crying, hiding, you name it.....Three children lying under the tree.... a pretty good picture for the three... bribery is paying off.... then add the youngest member of the family... It's a definite no go.... not going to happen.
He wants nothing to do with lying under the tree. He wants to explore the tree.... After all, this is the first time there hasn't been a huge plastic gate surrounding the tree. He can actual get his hands on the ornaments. Prior to this he has had to find various sticks or toys to bat at the ornaments. Now it's easy, too easy.

Time for a new location. Got the three older ones looking up, but no Nathan.
Got Nathan, but no Alex.
Once again, got a couple of kids, but not all four.
Are we having fun yet?
Maybe we could try for individual photos... Nathan first... since it is bedtime and melt down time. Could you please get your tongue in your mouth? How about hands out of the mouth?
Do you think you could smile? I know I'm pushing it, but this looks like a mug shot. Guess we'll give up and move on to Elizabeth. This one looks pretty good!
There, now we have three... sort of.... all eyes are up... just missing one child! I love this one of Elizabeth looking at Santa!
There we go... got all four of them all looking fairly good... but, darn, it doesn't crop to the right dimensions for a Christmas card! It's a keeper, but not for a card!


Been meaning to post these pictures for a while. Sorry Cathy! The first few are pictures of our niece... then pics of Elizabeth with our niece. All the cousins on Hutch's side of the family were together at Thanksgiving.... but it got dark and cold out really quickly, and I had to put away my camera before I was able to snap pictures of everyone. So... no pictures of our other niece or the three girls together! Next time....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Elf Mischief

The picture says it all. Our guest has already found ways to get into "trouble". This morning the kids discovered that he had roasted some marshmallows on the gas stove and made himself some s'mores. I didn't know you could roast marshmallows on the stove.

Surprise Visitor of the Elf Variety

When we awoke this morning we were greeted by the sight of an elf hanging from the chandelier in our kitchen. Apparently Santa sent him.
Not sure whether you can read the letter that Santa sent along with the elf. I'll post it down below.
The kids were thrilled with the surprise and spent much of the day talking about him and wondering about him. Santa dictated that the kids were to name him, but they haven't done that yet.... Perhaps the elf will refuse to visit again until the kids give him a name.
Dear Elizabeth, Andrew, Alex, and Nathan,
Greetings from the North Pole. It is my pleasure to introduce you to one of my favorite magic elves. I'm assigning him to your family this holiday season. He doesn't have a name yet... that is for you to figure out. Once you name him, let me know what to call him.
This Magic Elf will visit your household form now until Christmas Eve, to observe your behavior. Each night he will return to the North Pole to tell me whether you have made good or bad choices, so you better be good for goodness sake! When I arrive on Christmas Eve, the Magic Elf will present the final report and return to Santa's Workshop.
Be wary! Your Magic Elf will explore the house from top to bottom in order to make a proper report; at any time, the Elf's whereabouts may be subject to whimsy.

I must also add that I have been made aware of prior incidents of Elf Mischief on the part of this Elf. Should any Elf Mischief occur, please feel free to contact me at the above address.
Yours Sincerely,
Santa Claus

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



That is what it costs these days to have your child get their picture taken with Santa.... outrageous..... and not something I was willing to do... just for a 5X7 and four wallets. So, there are no photos with this post for a few reasons:

A) I don't regularly carry my camera with me to the mall and I am also not one of those people who have a cell phone that doubles as a camera.
B) Even if i had a camera with me, they wouldn't let me use said camera to snap pictures of my children
C) I don't need a photo of a screaming 18 month old who is terrified of Santa
D) 24.99.... i won't pay 24.99 for a couple of pictures! :)
E) I think it would be cheaper to buy the Santa costume that I saw at Christmas tree shops and take my own pictures at home!

So... on to my story...

Monday I had to return some items at the mall. Alex asked if we could see if Santa were there... and for whatever reason, I said yes. Sure enough Santa was there in his little hut, looking a bit grumpy I might add. Alex was thrilled. Nathan... not so thrilled... downright terrified, actually....

There was no line, so Alex spent quite a bit of time on Santa's lap. The conversation went something like this:

Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Alex: I don't know.

Santa: A helicopter or a train or something like that?
Alex: My brother likes helicopters.... I don't think I do.

Santa: So what do you like?
Alex: I don't know.
Santa: What can I bring you for Christmas
Alex: I want a dead bird.
Santa: A dead bird?????
Alex: Yep.

Santa: What do you mean by that?
Alex: You know... one that isn't alive.
Santa: You mean a stuffed animal?
Alex: Yeah, something like that.

Boy was it hard not to laugh out loud. :)

Last year Alex asked Santa for cotton balls. When Santa incredulously asked why he wanted the cotton balls, Alex replied, "To make you!" Needless to say there were cotton balls under the tree last year.

I'm pretty darn sure, however, that you won't find any dead birds under our tree this year!