Wednesday, December 3, 2008



That is what it costs these days to have your child get their picture taken with Santa.... outrageous..... and not something I was willing to do... just for a 5X7 and four wallets. So, there are no photos with this post for a few reasons:

A) I don't regularly carry my camera with me to the mall and I am also not one of those people who have a cell phone that doubles as a camera.
B) Even if i had a camera with me, they wouldn't let me use said camera to snap pictures of my children
C) I don't need a photo of a screaming 18 month old who is terrified of Santa
D) 24.99.... i won't pay 24.99 for a couple of pictures! :)
E) I think it would be cheaper to buy the Santa costume that I saw at Christmas tree shops and take my own pictures at home!

So... on to my story...

Monday I had to return some items at the mall. Alex asked if we could see if Santa were there... and for whatever reason, I said yes. Sure enough Santa was there in his little hut, looking a bit grumpy I might add. Alex was thrilled. Nathan... not so thrilled... downright terrified, actually....

There was no line, so Alex spent quite a bit of time on Santa's lap. The conversation went something like this:

Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Alex: I don't know.

Santa: A helicopter or a train or something like that?
Alex: My brother likes helicopters.... I don't think I do.

Santa: So what do you like?
Alex: I don't know.
Santa: What can I bring you for Christmas
Alex: I want a dead bird.
Santa: A dead bird?????
Alex: Yep.

Santa: What do you mean by that?
Alex: You know... one that isn't alive.
Santa: You mean a stuffed animal?
Alex: Yeah, something like that.

Boy was it hard not to laugh out loud. :)

Last year Alex asked Santa for cotton balls. When Santa incredulously asked why he wanted the cotton balls, Alex replied, "To make you!" Needless to say there were cotton balls under the tree last year.

I'm pretty darn sure, however, that you won't find any dead birds under our tree this year!

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