Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blow Up

Nathan, you were so cute at supper a couple of nights ago. We all sat down to eat and you kept looking at Daddy and saying "blow up". We couldn't figure out why you were saying blow up. We figured it was the lovely influence of your older brothers who love all things having to do with playing "war" and "army". As we bowed our heads to pray, I finally figured out what you were trying to say. You were looking at the steam rising off of the chicken and rice and you were saying "blow up", as in, the steam was blowing upward. :)

I love you little man!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My college roommate's oldest boy!

J. was quite the "ham".

My college roommate's oldest daughter

My college roommate's youngest boy

My college roommate's youngest

More pictures

This pictures crack me up. Last weekend I went to visit my college roommate. Since I've been working hard on improving my photography I asked if i could try to get some pictures of her children.... she was delighted.... but... I had no more luck with getting a good shot of ALL four of her children, than I do with mine. LOL. I love this first one. J. looks like he has a headache! :)