Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mud Room, Pretty Please

Oh how I wish we had a mud room...
I am tired of gloves and boots and scarves lying all over our living room floor.
And oh so tired of the snow and ice and mud being tracked through the house.
I am really not a fan of wet socks, and of chaos.
Trying to figure out how to be thankful for the wet, cold, mess, noise and chaos of life at the moment.  If it were gone I'm sure I'd miss it.
Trying to focus on the smiling faces of my children with their requests for hot chocolate, to listen to the enthusiastic reports of how long they managed to stand on the snow board, and to bundle up myself and go out to share in the joy of their snow creations, forts, and trails.

Someone needs to remind me not to complain about the heat this summer!!  :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow, Snow, And More Snow

The snow has been beautiful, but there has been a lot of it!
I read we had 40.5 inches of snow in January and that we have had 14.5 inches so far in February, with more snow forecast later in the week.
The shrubs are pretty much completely covered.
This is the view out our sliding glass door on the back porch.  Our grill is hiding somewhere under there!
Snow piled up in front of the garage door (door to the back yard)
The kid's climbing structure.
The trampoline.
Swing Set - The kids have been using the snowboard on the slide!
Daddy and Grandma trying to get some of the snow off of the roof!


Our little monkey, Alex, has loved tree climbing in the snow.
He's also been willing to pose for the camera.....
Sort of!
I love how happy he has been outside.
He's been trying to persuade me to let them jump off the roof into the snow.... um, that's a definite no!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Snow Man

This little man
absolutely loves the snow!
He likes going mountain climbing, as he calls it.
He likes to go digging for ice with his shovel
and this is what he thinks of my picture taking!
The snow piles are nearly twice as tall as he is, but it doesn't slow him down much!
You can see how high the snow piles are in comparison to Elizabeth.
Such a serious face!

Snow Board Fun

THIS piece of red plastic is what the kids have been so excited about lately.
Daddy built them a platform and Meme gave them a snow board.
God gave them plenty of snow.
Actually, these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago, so there is much more snow on the ground now.  More about that in a future post!
Wiping out doesn't seem to faze the boys.
And I'm getting used to it... except for the tree at the end of their run!
The kids are actually getting pretty good at balancing on the board.  Even Nathan has given it a try or two.  Me....  I'm not planning to try it any time soon.  :)