Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mud Room, Pretty Please

Oh how I wish we had a mud room...
I am tired of gloves and boots and scarves lying all over our living room floor.
And oh so tired of the snow and ice and mud being tracked through the house.
I am really not a fan of wet socks, and of chaos.
Trying to figure out how to be thankful for the wet, cold, mess, noise and chaos of life at the moment.  If it were gone I'm sure I'd miss it.
Trying to focus on the smiling faces of my children with their requests for hot chocolate, to listen to the enthusiastic reports of how long they managed to stand on the snow board, and to bundle up myself and go out to share in the joy of their snow creations, forts, and trails.

Someone needs to remind me not to complain about the heat this summer!!  :)

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I HEAR YOU!!! I am so right there with ya girl. :) Have a feeling I will be complaining a lot if it gets too hot though! ;)