Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun, Errrr.... Rain!

Alex B'Dalix, Boy #2

Building one of his creations.Hard at work.Collecting sand dollars.... the kids found 127 of them! (And, no, we did not bring them all home with us this year.... we made designs with them on the sand near the water when the tide was coming in... and watched them "return to the sea")Running up and down the beach.Hopping over waves....Showing me the treasures in his pockets.

Elizabeth Noodle, One and Only Girl

Taking the first of many trips down the sand dune to the water to get "wet" sand to build her castle.First phase of construction complete!Contemplating what to do next....The messier the better!All smiles...Telling herself stories....Where did all the sand go?Daring the ocean to "get" her.... Okay... now even I am cold...Maybe if I run I can warm up!

Andrew Dandrew, Boy #1

Andrew making his "car", complete with blue headlights.Looking at boats with his binoculars. I think I see one!
Love his silly, toothy grin!And Mr. Serious as well.Now that's a new face..... Proud of his creations.