Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank you WRCP!

It's been ages since I've posted. I haven't been short on words or short on photos... just short on time! :)

Nathan gets respite care from WRCP and once a year they host a morning at the Holyoke Children's Museum. The kids had a blast last year and looked forward to going again this year.

The main attraction:
This huge climber. It is several stories high and is completely enclosed, so very safe (albeit probably not all that clean!). Even Nathan was able to join in the climbing fun this year.
Here's Andrew sporting his new Star Wars t-shirt. He's into all things Star Wars at the moment. He has an amazing ability to memorize facts... who knew there was so much to know about Star Wars.... A view so that you can get a feel for how tall the climber is.
Nathan, wild man, making multiple attempts to get up the "hill". The kids are all so helpful with Nathan... Daddy and I didn't have to crawl in through too many holes to "rescue" Nathan.
Nathan enjoying a break with Daddy
Daddy's pooped!
Alex looks like he's in a cage. :)
In true Hutchinson fashion, Nathan loved the Bob Cat.
Taking a break from all the noise!
Ordering food in the pretend restaurant.
Buttons, buttons... he's always after the buttons.
They all had fun at the light table, playing with their reflections.
Another favorite - the "Shadow" room.
Playing the drums!

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