Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Elizabeth's Gallery

Elizabeth has been taking watercolor this year. She loves her teacher and she loves to paint. Thought I'd share some of her work. I won't, however, share what she painted for our family Christmas card. It's beautiful!
Family - Elizabeth is interested in "selling" some of her work. :) If you are interested, let her know! Maybe she'll surprise you with something for Christmas....
She painted the birds for Alex.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nathan Cuteness - Again

Nay Nay, I love love love that you are talking more and that you are starting to string words together. This week you've said several cute/funny things.

I was getting you a snack the other day and the crackers fell on the floor. You said, "Oh no. PLOP IT!"

At church on Sunday Carol (nursery helper) decided to make a really tall tower out of legos for all of you "littles" in the nursery. Once it reached the ceiling she wanted to knock it down. I got all of you on the other side of the room, and as she knocked it over, it sort of flew across the room. You said, "Fell throw"! It pretty aptly described what happened!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Stellan's Home Run

Here in our household we've been sitting on the sidelines watching God at work in the life of a little boy named Stellan. You can read about him here.
Stellan was born with a heart problem called SVT. He lives in Minnesota, but last week he and his mother, known as MckMama, flew to Boston for a risky procedure at Boston Children's. The poor little tyke was in rough shape. Doctors were hopeful that they could help him, but felt they only had a 20% chance of successfully ridding his body of SVT without causing permanent heart damage.
MckMama requested prayers that God would give their little boy a "home run"... that he'd be in that 20% category.
People all around the world prayed.......
and waited.....
and hoped......
Stellan fought....
Doctors used "creative thinking" and God blessed Stellan with a home run!!!!!!!! Stellan is now back in Minnesota with his parents and three siblings. We're so happy for them!
Who knows why God chooses to heal some here on earth, and not others.... We're grateful that God decided to be merciful to Stellan's family and heal him now. God is good regardless.... but... wow... I know Stellan's parents must have yearned for many many more years here with Stellan, rather than a lifetime of waiting to meet him in Heaven. And... to have him here, with NO SVT... all the better!

Can you believe it? A 20% chance!

To Him who is able to do "infinitely more than we can ask or imagine" be all the glory!

Daisy's Adventure

Elizabeth, you've been a busy bee lately. You're all about writing - poems, short stories, lists, journals. You name it. You record everything.... And, I LOVE to read what you write. Family has been asking to see what you've been writing lately, and when I asked, you gladly obliged. I wish I could figure out how to post your story with all of it's beautiful illustrations, but this will have to do for now. I've typed it just as you wrote it, spelling and all.

I love you noodle!


Daisy's Adventure

One day, Daisy stepped out of her house and said, "I want to see what is above Squeak Land". Then she went for a swim.

When she was swimming she saw a worm. "Worms are my favorite", said Daisy. So she ate the worm then she felt something. It was a hook. She was cot on a fishermens hook. Slowly she started rising out of the water.

She saw moutins and trees and then she saw the person who caught her. Suddenly she was afraid. Where would she go? What would happen? Suddenly the man shouted, "Take her to Mr. Dan". They put her in a huge net.

Then they carried her to this huge building where in the door way was a man in a white coat. The men talked to the man and gave him the net with Daisy in it. She wondered what would happen. Then she felt water, very cold water. She looked around. She was in a fish tank.

Mr. Dan was about to give her a shot. Daisy was afraid. She jumped out of the tank. She jumped out of the window. She jumped right back into Squeak Land, right into Rose's arms. Daisy said, "Boy am I glad to be back in Squeak Land". "Why? Arnt you always in Squeak Land?", said Rose. "You'll never believe me", said Daisy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nathan Cuteness

Nathan, I thought I'd record a couple of "funnies" from you this week. :)

Friday you and Alex had to go get yet another round of vaccines. You haven't been making antibodies to the vaccines and your doctors are trying to determine what type of immunological problem you have.

You were quite the charmer walking down the hallway at the doctor's office, smiling at all the nurses... until we turned to head into room 3... then the "up Mommy's" started, and the little lip quiver started. Poor you. I held you for a bit and then lay you down on the table to hold you. You saw the nurse coming over and made the saddest little frown and said "Hey.... no like that!" I felt so bad for you... and at the same time was THRILLED that you uttered so many words at one time. You are still a man of few words, so any time you speak more than a word or two it is so exciting!


Another story: A couple of days ago we went to the Dollar Store to spend the dollar that Nana had sent you and the other kids. Per usual, you were completely captivated by the helium balloons and I knew that would be your "pick". At the end of our shopping trip I took you over to the balloons and asked if you would rather have the "ball" balloon or the "star" balloon. You thought long and hard and then said, "I thinking..... star". :)

I love you sweet Nay-Nay!