Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nathan Cuteness - Again

Nay Nay, I love love love that you are talking more and that you are starting to string words together. This week you've said several cute/funny things.

I was getting you a snack the other day and the crackers fell on the floor. You said, "Oh no. PLOP IT!"

At church on Sunday Carol (nursery helper) decided to make a really tall tower out of legos for all of you "littles" in the nursery. Once it reached the ceiling she wanted to knock it down. I got all of you on the other side of the room, and as she knocked it over, it sort of flew across the room. You said, "Fell throw"! It pretty aptly described what happened!


Amanda said...

Fell throw... thats GOOD!! Kids are so dang smart!

Many blessings to yoU!


Julia said...


Sorry to res something not relevant to your current post. But you posted something on my BlogFrog posting about my son and his potential cortical blindness. Perron is a 34 weeker and is currently four months old. I would love to email you privately about some questions I had. My email address is

Thank you for your post!