Friday, November 13, 2009

Daisy's Adventure

Elizabeth, you've been a busy bee lately. You're all about writing - poems, short stories, lists, journals. You name it. You record everything.... And, I LOVE to read what you write. Family has been asking to see what you've been writing lately, and when I asked, you gladly obliged. I wish I could figure out how to post your story with all of it's beautiful illustrations, but this will have to do for now. I've typed it just as you wrote it, spelling and all.

I love you noodle!


Daisy's Adventure

One day, Daisy stepped out of her house and said, "I want to see what is above Squeak Land". Then she went for a swim.

When she was swimming she saw a worm. "Worms are my favorite", said Daisy. So she ate the worm then she felt something. It was a hook. She was cot on a fishermens hook. Slowly she started rising out of the water.

She saw moutins and trees and then she saw the person who caught her. Suddenly she was afraid. Where would she go? What would happen? Suddenly the man shouted, "Take her to Mr. Dan". They put her in a huge net.

Then they carried her to this huge building where in the door way was a man in a white coat. The men talked to the man and gave him the net with Daisy in it. She wondered what would happen. Then she felt water, very cold water. She looked around. She was in a fish tank.

Mr. Dan was about to give her a shot. Daisy was afraid. She jumped out of the tank. She jumped out of the window. She jumped right back into Squeak Land, right into Rose's arms. Daisy said, "Boy am I glad to be back in Squeak Land". "Why? Arnt you always in Squeak Land?", said Rose. "You'll never believe me", said Daisy.


Jenny Davis said...

That is adorable! You have a budding author :)

Linda said...

Do so enjoy your posts. Elizabeth is quite imiganitive. Good story!

Anonymous said...

That's is great! I love writing too, and that story reminds me of the way I used to write! Has she ever tried writing a play?


Rita Freudenberg said...

This is really a wonderful story! I'm curious, since she talks about "Squeak Land", if she did her story and illustrations using Squeak Etoys?
If that's the case, you could upload her project on the squeakland website: