Monday, November 9, 2009

Nathan Cuteness

Nathan, I thought I'd record a couple of "funnies" from you this week. :)

Friday you and Alex had to go get yet another round of vaccines. You haven't been making antibodies to the vaccines and your doctors are trying to determine what type of immunological problem you have.

You were quite the charmer walking down the hallway at the doctor's office, smiling at all the nurses... until we turned to head into room 3... then the "up Mommy's" started, and the little lip quiver started. Poor you. I held you for a bit and then lay you down on the table to hold you. You saw the nurse coming over and made the saddest little frown and said "Hey.... no like that!" I felt so bad for you... and at the same time was THRILLED that you uttered so many words at one time. You are still a man of few words, so any time you speak more than a word or two it is so exciting!


Another story: A couple of days ago we went to the Dollar Store to spend the dollar that Nana had sent you and the other kids. Per usual, you were completely captivated by the helium balloons and I knew that would be your "pick". At the end of our shopping trip I took you over to the balloons and asked if you would rather have the "ball" balloon or the "star" balloon. You thought long and hard and then said, "I thinking..... star". :)

I love you sweet Nay-Nay!


Amanda said...

So sweet!!


Jenny Davis said...

what a sweetie :)