Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alex Lost His First Tooth

Dear, sweet Alex has been waiting for several years for his first tooth to fall out. He was so upset 3 years ago when the twins began to lose teeth and get visits from the tooth fairy. He used to walk around the house trying desperately to dislodge his own pearly whites.

Well.... today it finally happened for him! He lost his first tooth! He was eating his cereal and felt something crunchy. He put his finger in his mouth to investigate and low and behold discovered his little tooth floating around with his rice krispies. He lost his bottom middle right tooth! Oh the celebration! I haven't seen a little boy so happy in a very long time! He and the twins got busy comparing notes about losing their first tooth. Andrew actually swallowed his first lost tooth!

I'll have to take a picture later in the day.

And.... hopefully the toothfairy hasn't forgotten her way to our house! Sometimes she is tired and busy!


Amanda said...

Way to go Alex!!!


Amanda said...

How you doing sweet girl???