Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

This blog carnival was created by MckMama at You can head over to her blog to read about what everyone else did NOT do this week.

There's not much that I didn't do this week. :)

We held a tag sale this weekend and I most certainly did NOT tell my child that an item of his sold at the tag sale when in fact it was sitting hidden in the back of my van. I did NOT have a plan to take it to my office for a family in need. I wouldn't say that to my son. That would be lying.... that's NOT something that I would do.

I most certainly did NOT go to bed one night this week without brushing my teeth because I was too tired. I most certainly would NOT do that. That would be gross. I mean really, I could get cavities or something like that.

And, I most certainly did not write the wrong date on my calendar and show up for a performance at the Fine Arts Center one MONTH early... not me... I mean, really, the kids had their school work done and were so eager to attend the jazz ensemble - their first home school field trip. I would never disappoint them that way. I would never be so forgetful. And I wouldn't be so silly as to not realize my mistake until we were actually IN the auditorium. I wouldn't have silenced my children's questions as to why there were no school buses or other people at the theater.

I guess it is better to be one month early than one month late!!! Let's hope I do a better job with my calendar this month!


Jenny Davis said...

LOL - you're right, better one month early than a month late.

Off to brush my teeth... ;)

Amanda said...

Ha!! You are funny... do you really brush your teeth before going to bed every night??

What is wrong with me that I think thats funny??!?!