Friday, December 5, 2008

Surprise Visitor of the Elf Variety

When we awoke this morning we were greeted by the sight of an elf hanging from the chandelier in our kitchen. Apparently Santa sent him.
Not sure whether you can read the letter that Santa sent along with the elf. I'll post it down below.
The kids were thrilled with the surprise and spent much of the day talking about him and wondering about him. Santa dictated that the kids were to name him, but they haven't done that yet.... Perhaps the elf will refuse to visit again until the kids give him a name.
Dear Elizabeth, Andrew, Alex, and Nathan,
Greetings from the North Pole. It is my pleasure to introduce you to one of my favorite magic elves. I'm assigning him to your family this holiday season. He doesn't have a name yet... that is for you to figure out. Once you name him, let me know what to call him.
This Magic Elf will visit your household form now until Christmas Eve, to observe your behavior. Each night he will return to the North Pole to tell me whether you have made good or bad choices, so you better be good for goodness sake! When I arrive on Christmas Eve, the Magic Elf will present the final report and return to Santa's Workshop.
Be wary! Your Magic Elf will explore the house from top to bottom in order to make a proper report; at any time, the Elf's whereabouts may be subject to whimsy.

I must also add that I have been made aware of prior incidents of Elf Mischief on the part of this Elf. Should any Elf Mischief occur, please feel free to contact me at the above address.
Yours Sincerely,
Santa Claus

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