Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home Away From Home

Thought I'd share pictures of our "home" for the next two weeks. This is a view from our lanai. There are all kinds of ponds/streams/waterfalls on the property. They are beautiful, but they are home to many many frogs... that make noise all night long! :) The first night that we were here, Andrew woke Daddy up at 3 AM to ask who was moving chairs across the kitchen floors making a racket and keeping him from sleeping!This is a picture of our front door. We have a nice big deck and bench. Resort "rules" state that everyone must remove their shoes prior to entering the condo. I'll have to take a picture of the massive pile of shoes that we have out there! A view of the kitchen from the living room.The kid's room. They don't like sharing beds, so we are playing musical beds. Two kids are sleeping on "floor beds" and one is sleeping in the bed.The kids have a nice little lanai off of their room. It faces the front of the building. The other lanai faces the mountains. Tonight we discovered that we have a gorgeous view of the sunset from that lanai!Our bedroom.... You can see Nathan's pack and play.... he is sleeping with us.... or rather, not sleeping! He's doing quite well all things considered, but isn't sleeping through the night.

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