Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach Bums

We've been busy checking out several of the different beaches here on Kauai. This is Anini Beach (I'm sure I'm not spelling it correctly)
It was a perfect beach for the kids. The water is very shallow (under 3 feet deep) for quite a ways out into the ocean. We rented snorkel equipment for the week and the twins tried snorkling for the first time. Elizabeth got the hang of it right away and headed out with Uncle Robert and Malia to the coral. She was so excited by what she saw! Andrew was a little slower going, but did get the hang of it. Mommy forgot how to snorkel and was surprised by how long it took her to regain her confidence! Mommy and Daddy are going for a snorkel trip/boat ride up the Napoli Coast on Monday for the day. They can't wait!!!!
Andrew and Christian found some small fish at the inlet and spent hours trying to catch them with their bare hands! Alex was timid at first, but then also joined in the fun.
Elizabeth, less than thrilled that Daddy told her she had to wear a shirt over her swimmingsuit (she got sunburned on her shoulders)
Daddy helping Alex across the "deep channel"! :)
Alex exploring. Poor Alex is feeling like he doesn't have a buddy this trip. He told Daddy today that Andrew has Christian and Elizabeth has Malia and he has nobody. Poor kiddo. Unbeknownst to the others, Daddy did take him on a special trip for icecream this morning.We also rented beach chairs along with the snorkel equipment. Mama and Papa Bear haven't had much of a chance to sit in them, but maybe sometime this trip! :)Aunt Jan enjoying her book in the shade of the tree. Malia building her tree fort to get a "shade tan" (her words).

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It looks like lots of fun!