Monday, June 22, 2009

Post from 36,006 feet

I'm writing this aboard Delta flight 2085 as we cruise at 36,006 feet at a speed of 502 miles per hour. Andrew informed me that the temperature outside is -47 degrees F and that we just flew over New Mexico and are heading on over AZ. Hi Dad! Hi Barb! Hi Kristin!

How do I know such detailed information about our airline trip? Thanks to Delta's Video on Demand - a little mini entertainment center that is in the back of each seat. High class flying... and it is free! We like free. It is a dream come true for our Asperger child. The video on demand has an information channel that gives you every detail about the flight, complete with maps, flight speed, how much longer until you land. The Video on Demand also offers television and movies. Andrew was so excited to learn that he could watch the Discovery Channel.

This nifty little entertainment center hasn't, however, kept the kids from asking every 10 minutes, "How much longer until we get there?" It is a bit discouraging to realize that while we'll be in Los Angeles in about an hour, we won't be in Kauai for at least another 8 hours! Good night Irene! The day has been long already. We got up at 2:45 and left the house at 3:30 AM.

I was going to write a post and share pictures from our travels today. However, I only brought my good camera with me - big and bulky. I forgot to steal (I mean borrow) Elizabeth's little point and shoot camera for the trip. The camera has been up in the overhead bin on both flights and I'm too tired go get it.

So, if I had had my camera to document the day, what would I have shared with you?

Picture #1: Three bleary-eyed, slow moving children stumbling through the house trying to find their clothes at 3 AM and make their way to the van.

Picture #2: Two tired and stressed parents frantically trying to cross of everything on the to do and to pack lists - one of whom hadn't gone to bed yet that night/morning (any guesses as to which parent that was? Hutch? Nope... not him. LOL). The one that had stayed up all night was oh so kind to her family members as she rushed about.

Picture #3: Two parents nicely discussing where to park the van since they had lots of time to spare before they caught their flight.....

Picture #4: One Mama trying to lead three tired children who don't like crowds and new places to the ticket counter while lugging 4 large suitcases, 2 smaller suitcases and various other backpacks, camera bag and computer. Thankfully there was no line at the curbside check in. I've had bad experiences in the past with curb side check in (losing all my luggage every time)... but I could not lug the bags to the counter inside.

Picture #5 One harried Papa Bear's look of panic when getting off of the shuttle bus when he realized that he had left his youngest child's car seat in the van in the long term parking lot. Yikes! He dropped off youngest child and stroller (but took diaper bag with bottle and binky) and rushed back to the long term lot to get the seat. Yep... we made that flight with loads of extra time! No stress there.

Picture #6: Six family members breathing a sigh of relief - luggage checked, survived security check point unscathed. We're off to Hawaii!

Picture #7: Papa Bear calling Mama Bear from the back of the plane (where he was sitting with Andrew and Alex) to say "How's it going up there?" after a one hour delay (sitting on the tarmac) due to the plane engine not working properly. It was oh so reassuring to hear the pilot say, "Folks, maintenance is on it's way to force open the valve for us and then we should be on our way"..... not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Picture $8: Nathan pulling the window shade up and down for the umpteenth time... laughing and clapping every time.

Picture #9: The glare of the person in front of us when Nathan kicked his seat.... I'm really sorry sir... I did my best. I took off his shoes. I tried hard to distract him. I held his feet when he went to kick.

Picture #10: I wish that I had a video of this... Nathan's utter delight when he woke from his nap and realized that we were "up high" in the sky and that we were landing. Atlanta must be a busy airport because Nathan kept himself busy finding other planes in the sky and yelling "plane". Nathan squealed with delight when we landed and said, "Wheeeee" on the way down and rocked his seat back and forth. :) I love seeing the world through children's eyes.

Picture #11: Six tired folks lounging on chairs during our three hour layover in Atlanta!

Picture #12: One slumbering child, three children happily drawing and watching TV.

Whew... it is nearly 3:30 and my little vacation factoid Andrew is telling me that we will be landing in 32 minutes. He said that we are going 488 miles per hour and are at 30,581 feet. I don't need a computer to tell me all of that - my ears are telling me now!!!

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