Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're Here!

We're here! Beautiful Kauai! It isn't quite what I expected (it's not the Caribbean), but it is stunningly beautiful and I am incredibly grateful to be here! After lugging loads of luggage, Many bored moments in the airport,
22 hours of travel time,
Countless mad libs with the twins (they were introduced to mad libs this trip and think that they are hilarious!)
We were greeted at the airport with leis by my Aunt Jan (gracious donor of this trip!), my sister Shari and her daughter Malia.
Unfortunately there was a horrible car accident on the one road heading North, so we had a very SLOW trip up to Princeville. (Please pray for the families involved in the crash. A big rig truck swerved to avoid a motorcyclist that had fallen in the road and when he swerved he ran into the path of an oncoming car. Both the car and the truck flipped. The truck driver died as did the driver of the car (a family vacationing here in Kauai... the mother and infant survived)

To pass the time I entertained myself with my camera. Took lots of "different" pictures... like pictures of traffic in the side view mirror....
and pictures of me in the side mirror. (That was an idea "stolen" from MckMama's blog - see sidebar)Pictures of the different trees and birds and flowers....I didn't get any chicken pictures... but there are chickens EVERYWHERE on this island. They roam free all around town and all around our resort. One advantage: Chicken here is a whole lot cheaper than buying chicken at home!!!!

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