Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meh Challenged

Well, we survived Nathan's most recent procedure. :) Actually, thanking God that things went so well. A friend was able to come and stay the day with me so I had company. Nathan tolerated the anesthesia really well and for the first time ever came out of surgery/anesthesia very calm... no tears whatsoever. Nathan's lungs looked great... little to no evidence of lung disease! His stomach also looked fine. His esophagus and small intestine looked to be inflamed in parts.... they took biopsies and we will know more in a couple of weeks.

For the moment we are in patient on 9 South. It is the "new" part of the hospital and the rooms are spacious and beautiful... lots of natural light! Nathan has his impedance probe in and is quite bothered by it. They had to restrain his arms with braces to keep him from pulling out his tubing.

Wheez called Nathan "Meh Challenged" yesterday. Nathan kept holding his "meh" (binky) and saying "meh"... It took me a LONG time to realize that the poor kid wanted his "meh" in his mouth, but due to the restraints couldn't put it in his mouth.

Nathan is also eating challenged.... I've had to hand feed him everything!
Nathan screamed when we first got to pre-op yesterday, but quickly calmed down with the new toy that they brought him to play with. I'm not sure who liked it more - Wheez or Nathan!
Nathan liked the animals and the noises they made.
He also loved having his very own TV - not so much to watch it, but to push all the buttons.
Wheez and I were easily entertained while waiting the 2 1/2 hours for Nathan's surgery to be over. The most exciting thing - the new fangled soda machine. It had a little "elevator" that would come up and grab the soda and then slide over and put it in the slot for you to take. No more soda spraying all over the room after being shook up by falling out the shoot.
One happy Mommy to finally be able to hold my little guy!
Nathan sporting his new impedance tube! Not a particularly happy camper.
Looking out the window... his favorite past time. You can see airplanes from the window. This morning we even saw a life flight helicopter land on the roof.

Nathan's favorite metal bed... NOT.
Watching planes with his new favorite buddy.
This is for you, Andrew and Alex!
Dinner time......

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