Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Bird Story

What's up with birds and Hawaii?! They have some gorgeous birds here... and we've enjoyed watching them, especially Alex. But we've also had a few bird adventures (see "resident alarm clock" post).

Tonight we went to a luau. I'll post about that later... wonderful time... train ride around the plantation, great food, lots of laughter, fantastic entertainment. When we returned home we parked the car in front of our condo and sent the older kids up to get on their PJ's and get into bed while we got Nathan and collected all of our belongings.

No sooner than we had sent them upstairs, we heard Elizabeth yelling. When we got upstairs we found Elizabeth locked in our bathroom muttering something about a bird flying around our condo. I tried to coax Elizabeth out of the bathroom while Papa Bear went on a hunt for the bird. He opened our bedroom door and a bird flew at him. He slammed the door shut! We spent a good 1o minutes trying to shoo the bird out of our room. Papa Bear managed to get the bird to move toward the sliding glass door, only to have it fall behind the dresser. He moved the dresser and the bird finally flew out the door - Success! Poor bird was really frightened. We had accidentally left the door to the lanai open and the bird must have flown in earlier in the day.

Problem solved.... bird out of room, many young children in bed.... Mama Bear went into our bedroom to get Nathan's bed set up and realized that bird locked up in bedroom for several hours equals LOTS OF BIRD POOP..... EVERYWHERE! Bird poop on the floors, chair, bureau, and even on the pillow and bedspread. Not. Fun.

What to do, what to do.... Housekeeping is open from 8 AM to 8 PM.... It was 10:30 PM. Nothing to do except strip the beds and scrub the floors.... and call Aunt Jan who came to the rescue with extra blankets and pillows.

Thus ended a not so perfect evening.... though for sure one with long lasting memories!

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Natalie Peters said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!! I think this one is my absolute favorite.