Thursday, September 9, 2010


We're here in Wyoming thoroughly enjoying our time visiting with my folks.
The kids love having space to run,
climbing on the hay bales,
rolling in the tall grasses,
and climbing on the fences in their yard.
They think it is hilariously funny to have your very own gas tank in your front yard.
And this last picture is just me playing around with taking pictures at different angles.  It is a picture of my parent's house taken from the foot bridge going over the creek bed.
Hopefully I'll upload pictures of our other adventures soon.  Internet access is very limited here.


Kelly said...

What a fantastic view! I think every kid should have access to a farm - room to run, jump, play, yell, and generally act like a kid :) I know I cherish the memories of playing at my grandparents farm. Thank you for bringing back the good memories. Your photos are fantastic - I'd comment on all of the posts, but they'd all be the same: "Wow, this is BEAUTIFUL!", over and over :)

Enjoy the change in the scenery!

gouldhouse said...

Hi Hutchinsons! We miss you but can see that you are having an unforgettable time:) The pictures are amazing!! Take care & God bless