Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

We've seen a lot of this on our trip....
Lots of rain, and even some snow in Yellowstone.
Last week we traveled from Laramie to Jackson, WY to the Teton's and Yellowstone.  I LOVE the Tetons... some of the most beautiful mountains in our country...
But alas, we couldn't see the mountains due to all the rain.
Thankfully, though, there was an amazing Visitor Center just outside the park.
The kids were impressed with the sod roof!
You can see from the jackets that the weather is much different than in Massachusetts at this time of year!
We spent quite a while at the Visitor's Center.
We learned about the different animals, their habitats, type of fur, scat, and animal tracks.
We also enjoyed using binoculars to look for animals outside on the observation deck.
We were also all impressed by the arch of antlers across the street.

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