Friday, September 10, 2010

Independence Rock

We're now on our trek across to the Northwest part of the state of Wyoming!
Our first stop was Independence Rock.
It's a huge rock that stands out on the plains. 
Thousands of pioneers stopped here during their long trek on the Oregon Trail, including some of our relatives.
Alex enjoyed looking at the model of a wagon.  We were all surprised by how small and narrow the wagons were.
If you looked carefully you could see the wagon wheel ruts going across the plains.
You could also climb right up the side of the rock to the top.
Grandma, Alex, and Elizabeth were billy goats.  They raced right up to the top.  I was much more hesitant!  I don't like heights.  But I did it!
This is part way up, looking down at Hutch, Andrew and Nathan.
This is another picture part way up to the top.  You can see how steep it is.  It was actually easier to go up than it was to go down!  You can see the view of the Visitor Center from the top.
There were hundreds of names carved in the rocks at the top.  I don't know if you can see them in these pictures.  The names are from the mid 1800's.
Elizabeth on top of the rock!
Elizabeth and Alex
Then we had to find our way back down.  It was really steep!

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Kelly said...

That is really amazing! The view, the scenery, the wide open spaces, the names in the rocks, the wagon wheel tracks, oh my! I can't imagine what it must have been like to set out across the plains so long ago. The first thought in my head was - "Without GPS? Without a BlackBerry?!"