Sunday, September 5, 2010

Up Up And Away

The day of our much anticipated trip finally arrived.  We packed up our bags.  What a trick I tell you!  So challenging to pack for six people for two weeks and to try to spend as little as possible on extra baggage fees.  I didn't do so well this time around!
We headed to the airport late in the day.  Nathan was so excited to go on a plane.  The only thing he remembered from our trip last summer was that the flaps on the airplane wings "go up" upon landing.  He couldn't wait to see the wings!
The other kids were more excited about our destination than the actual flights.
We arrived at our destination around 1 AM (East Coast time).  This is the view from our hotel window.
Very tired kids this morning - only six hours of sleep and no nap for Nathan.
Hanging out watching TV.
Agenda for today.... meet up with Hutch's cousin for a few hours and then head up to Laramie to see my folks.

Nathan cuteness:  Andrew was sitting in a chair at the hotel and Nathan was trying to shove Andrew out of the chair.  I spoke to Nathan and told him that he couldn't "kick Andrew out of his seat".  Nathan looked up at me with all seriousness and said, "I not kick him out, I ask him to move".

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