Friday, September 17, 2010

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine

We've been in Pueblo, Colorado for the past few days and have made day trips to the Royal Gorge and to the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine.
At the mine we donned our hard hats and jackets and waited for our "ride" to arrive.  Nathan is adorable in his oversized outfit!
We were amazed that they managed to fit all 8 of us in this tiny 3 foot by 3 foot "cage"... that was an adventure in and of itself.  We were smashed as tight as sardines, literally no room to move.
Once we got down we walked along tracks through all kinds of tunnels.
We learned all about how a gold mine operation works.
The kids were amazed to learn that we were 1,000 feet underground.
Poor Nathan wanted "up" the entire time.  Or perhaps I should say poor Daddy and poor Uncle Mike, as they were the ones who carried him through the whole mine.
A picture of my brother Mike.
Nathan was THRILLED to learn that we got to take a train ride under ground!
Uncle Mike and Nathan
The "cage" that brought us back up to the surface.

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karina said...

What? You're here in CO? We should do lunch or something! Do you have my number? call me or e-mail me!