Friday, September 17, 2010

Royal Gorge

On Wednesday Hutch and the kids, my mom and my brother all went to the Royal Gorge and walked across the world's largest suspension bridge!
I stayed behind and visited with my dad and his wife.  But I "swiped" these pictures that were taken by either my mom or my brother.
The kids rode a special train up the side of the cliffs.

They also walked across the bridge.
I'm not sure I could have done it if I had been there.
Then some of them rode the aerial tramway back across the canyon while others rode the trolley back across the bridge.
The kids all LOVED getting to know their Uncle Mike and spending time with Grandma.
I am not sure that I would have survived the day's activities had I gone with them.  I did, however, enjoy a relaxing afternoon and got lots of time to visit with Dad and Barbara.

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Keeslermom said...

We were there a few week ago too! We took our big kids rafting and it was awesome! Glad you had fun too!