Thursday, September 9, 2010


One of our children's favorite Wyoming activities is playing on the bales of hay on my parent's property.
We figured since it's September, the hay would all be gone, but there were still several bales in the field.
The kids woke up early the first day we were there and begged to go down to the fields.
So off we went!
Even the littlest guy.
As you can see, it is MUCH colder in Wyoming than in Massachusetts.  Let's just say that Mommy didn't pack enough warm clothes.  Here's Elizabeth sporting one of Grandma's hats.
They climbed all over the hay bales.
Some found it easier to get up than others!
But everyone enjoyed the view from "up top".
Though little guy didn't want to stay up there very long.  I think he was cold!
They had a grand time digging tunnels in the hay.
And generally making a mess of it.  Probably not such a great idea... though Grandma and Grandpa were fine with the mess.
Andrew was the first one to the top of the hay bale and was oh so happy!
Alex looking adorable in his borrowed hat.

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great pics!! so much fun playing on those bales :-) I used to have a "hay house" made of square bales. One of my favorite childhood memories...... You have a fun blog!!