Thursday, March 5, 2009


There's a photo contest going on on one of the blogs that I regularly read. The woman that writes the blog takes amazing photos and has started a new small photography business. One of the products that Doni offers is digital painting. I LOVE her paintings! (Check out her photography website for samples of her work She has offered to do one free 11x13 digital painting for the lucky contest winner.... and I'm hoping that lucky winner will be me! :)
One of the contest rules states, "Yes you can harass other people in to voting for you". SO.... I'm going to bug all of you to please cast a vote for Nathan.
How do I do this? Go to her blog and leave a comment voting for number 21. (Vote Here: ) To add to the suspense, Doni won't be approving any comments from new voters for a few days... so your comment won't show up.... but it will be counted!
So... if you are so inclined, please go vote for #21, our sweet little miracle boy!

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