Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nine North - We're here!

We're here! So far all is well... not easy, but going well.

Nathan was thrilled this morning when he was given his own personal DVD player prior to the MRI/MRS. He took the video out of the case, inserted it in the player and pushed the play button. How did he learn how to do that? He was still all smiles at that point. He did have a high fever when we arrived. There was some debate as to whether they would continue... but the doctor decided to go ahead.... so THANKFUL for that.
Nathan did well with the anesthesia... I entertained myself for the bit that he was "out" and when I returned Nathan was waking up and eager to see me. He had some juice and then fell into a deep sleep for about two hours.
Once in the deep sleep he started desating and they had to start some oxygen. After an hour or so of that he was much better. He was really conked out.... my poor arm had no feeling in it after a few minutes of his heavy sleeping.... but i loved every minute of watching him slumber.
We got up to our new room on 9 North around 3 PM. It is a little tiny room.... Nathan was happy to be able to walk around... and happy to have some more juice.
I got him changed and ready for phase 2 - putting on all the electrodes. One of our big surprises up here is that Nathan is required to have an IV... wasn't expecting that... and he doesn't like it one bit... keeps trying to pull it off. Nathan still had a high fever so they treated him with meds.. and may give him fluids later.
The nurses keep opening the door... and Nathan closes it again as quickly as he can. Our normally smiling boy has decided that he's had enough of that.... last time he smiled at a nurse he got "put to sleep".... he doesn't want anyone in this room!
Here's Nathan's new sleeping quarters.
My bed - the green chair in the corner... ought to be a really comfortable few nights!
Nathan likes the view out the window.. .it's a long way down to the street below... He likes to point and say "ball".... whatever that means. :)
Nathan was NOT happy getting hooked up to all the leads.... it took quite a while.... The person doing it was learning how to do it... and had to redo several of the leads. But... we endured and got it done.
Nathan has a new "hat"... the wires are mostly under the "hat"... and attach to the black backpack that I have to carry... the backpack is attached to a long wire that plugs into the wall.
All is well in Nathan's world at the moment - nothing a good Wiggles video can't cure!
Oh... that and a binkie.
Nathan fell asleep watching his video... the doctors haven't made rounds yet... so not sure if he is out for the night or out for a nap... in any case, i got some things squared away and got to log onto the computer.
Several of you have tried to call... it is much appreciated.... however, EVERYTHING in this room is monitored... so whatever I say can be heard on speaker in the next room... so I am not really free to talk much... that, and I will run out of power on my cell phone.... I love getting the messages you have been leaving though... I have a feeling it will be a very long few days.
I haven't been able to get a hold of Hutch and the kids to know how things are on the home front. Please keep praying....
The insurance company only approved a 48 hour LTM admission and a 24 hour polysom admission... so pray that Nathan would "do his stuff" SOON! :)
Thanks a bunch!

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