Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hospital Update

It was a very long night last night! Nathan had a fever and was uncomfortable and slept only half hour or an hour at a time... So it made for a long night for Mommy. Nathan was cheerful when he got up for the day, though. He had cheerios and a piece of bagel.... and was thrilled to sit in a "big chair".... It's the small things in life, right? He almost managed to pull his IV out... no surprise there.
Today was "more of the same". We hung out all day... playing with Nathan's nemo balloon
Talking to doctors and trying to persuade people to not offer Nathan foods with milk in them. (They had a volunteer come around pushing a cart with all the "fixings" for strawberry shortcakes.... and asked Nathan if he wanted whipped cream... not a good thing! Of course he wants whipped cream!)
Nathan has already started with the Hutchinson trait of "dumpster diving".... he kept trying to pick things out of the trash can in the wall... not a great idea while in the hospital.
His monitors attach to a computer that is housed in the little black backpack that he is wearing. The backpack has a wire coming out of it that is attached to wall.
Nathan still has a fever, so we were not allowed to go down to the play room.... The nurses were kind enough to bring Nathan a supply of cars and trucks.
I think that Nathan loves trucks and cars as much as Andrew loves helicopters.
This shows you a view of the backpack.
Nathan does not care for the added weight of the backpack... makes him look kind of drunk when he walks... poor kid!
As to be expected, some of Nathan's leads came undone... so the techs had to undo his "hat", take off the faulty leads, and put on some new leads.... Nathan was not. a. happy. camper. to say the least. He is very leery of ANYONE who comes in the room...
This is what is under Nathan's "hat".
Nathan is going to need several good shampoos before all the gunk will come out of his hair!
This afternoon Daddy, Elizabeth and Alex came to visit. Mommy was SO GLAD to see them.... Mommy got to take a shower, take a walk, return a couple of phone calls, and take the kids to the cafeteria for a treat!
I think Nathan's gotten used to having Mommy around.... He didn't want to be left with Daddy this afternoon.... and made that quite well known to everyone on the floor!

However, when Daddy and the kids left tonight, Nathan didn't want anything to do with Mommy.
Nathan is sleeping now... and will hopefully do better tonight. So far Nathan has NOT had any episodes that I am aware of... so please keep praying....
Also pray for communication with the doctors. There are several teams of doctors and nurses up here. They have all beeen very nice.... but they don't communicate well with each other... and not so well with me, either.... there have been several snags in this whole process.... scheduling different procedures at conflicting times, not understanding why Nathan is here...
As it stands right now, Nathan will NOT be getting his sleep study tomorrow night.... so we may be discharged tomorrow afternoon.... and will have to return for that test at another date. I had questioned whether we really needed the sleep study and was told that the previous study had not been "entirely normal", whatever that means.... That was news to me! :)
Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. Elizabeth, Andrew, Alex, and Hutch all seem to be doing well.

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