Friday, March 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We made it home last night. Thank you everyone for praying. Nathan was super happy to be home and to be able to run around free of wires! :) Alex, Andrew, Elizabeth and Herlinda made us a welcome home sign and a welcome home cake...... Hutch took care of Nathan in the middle of the night last night and I got 8 hours of sleep.... it felt so good!

Nathan had a rough time getting his EEG leads off. He's just like another family member of ours (and it isn't me!)... when he gets stressed he falls asleep. So... when the tech started taking off the leads, Nathan cried for a moment and then fell fast asleep for the next hour. I was even able to wash his hair while he slept... the tech hadn't ever seen anything like it!
For whatever reason they insisted on keeping Nathan's IV in until we were literally ready to walk out the door. It was the very last thing they did before discharge.
If you look closely in this picture you can see the red marker on Nathan's head that they used to mark the spots where they wanted to place the leads.
Nathan has a new buddy - his stuffed monkey. He held it throughout most of his hospital stay.... and he even tried to share his binky with monkey... and got quite upset that monkey didn't open his mouth. :)
After he woke up, Nathan enjoyed his cheerios and yet another Wiggles DVD.... still sporting his IV.
If you look closely at Nathan's forehead you can see red mark... the tech had put Nathan's head wrap on too tight. They didn't realize it until they took it off. He has several nice "abrasions" on his head where the metal pushed into his skin. Poor kid!
After we got discharged Nathan and I met up with a friend who is home on furlough from Tanzania.... Nathan was thrilled with the little red car that Louise brought him. Mommy was thrilled to be able to catch up with Louise while enjoying lunch at Bertucci's. :) Thanks for making the effort to come meet up with us Louise!!!! We hope to see you again soon!

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