Thursday, March 19, 2009

Homeward Bound

Looks like we'll get our walking papers in the next few hours.... It's a good news/bad news situation. The doctors came in and explained that the EEG through yesterday had come back normal... but that it is bascially meaningless info... as he has his episodes and we still don't know whether they are seizures.... however, they wouldn't likely treat with medication when they are so infrequent. So, perhaps it doesn't matter whether he is having seizures.

They canceled the sleep study which was to happen tonight becuase Nathan continues to run a fever..... this is day 6 of fever. So, we'll have to come back again for an overnight sleep study sometime in the next month or so... and we can't get rid of the oximeter at night until he has the sleep study. :(

The doctors came back in again a few minutes ago and said that the EEG has shown some "sharp" waves.... and asked a bunch of questions about Nathan (whether he gets pale with these episodes, has trouble regulating his temperature, vomits...) - stating that there are various syndomes that can be associated with these sharp waves... the waves don't indicate seizures, but indicate something else... then the doctors said they would speak to Nathan's neurologist about it and he would talk with me about it.... got to love the "just enough info to worry you, but no plan to speak with you anytime soon".... happens a lot I'm afraid. The doctors also suggested that it might be a good idea to put Nathan on long term monitoring at home... so... having him wear this head gear for a few weeks at a time. That sounds delightful!!!!

So... that's about it...

I'm disappointed that Nathan didn't have any of his episodes while here in the hospital... i was hoping for a miracle. Obviously not part of God's plan to handle things that way.... and I'll wrestle my way through that one.... My emotions don't always keep up with my intellect as far as what I know to be true about God.

On the other hand, I'm thrilled that they didn't find something majorily wrong with Nathan. This floor of the hospital is full of kids with all kinds of problems - surgeries, cancers, neurological disorders... and I'm grateful that while Nathan is quirky, he is relatively healthy!!!

More when we get home.

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