Friday, March 20, 2009

No More Synagis

Today was a a milestone day for Nathan. He had his last synagis shot - probably for the rest of his life! Every month during RSV season for the past two years Nathan has received two shots of synagis to help protect him from RSV. The shots have to be special ordered, cost about $1,500 per shot, and are pretty painful. Today when the nurse came in with the syringes, Nathan started saying "no no no no".... I was thrilled to hear him use a word (hadn't heard that one yet).... but felt badly for him that he knew what was about to come.

In any case... RSV season will soon be over and Nathan will probably not need the shots next year. So.... today was his last ever synagis shot!!! He has no way of knowing that is the case, but we do. I'm grateful that he's had the protection, but I'll be glad to not have to take him in for the shots any more.

The pediatrician had a preliminary report regarding Nathan's EEG. It is amazing how fast records can be transmitted in this electronic age. The pediatrician didn't really know much.... just that the preliminary reading showed some "sharp waves" in the occipital region... We'll have to wait on a neurology appoinment to find out more, and to reschedule the polysom study.

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Anonymous said...

Whew, you guys have been on a roller coaster. Thanks for sharing your blog.

We will be praying for you and will check back soon for more updates. Hope everyone is doing well today.

Eric, Tiffany, Jackson and Faith O'Neil