Saturday, March 28, 2009

So Much For Synagis

Nathan has RSV. He managed to get it even with the synagis shots. Poor little tyke is really feeling lousy.... he has fevers, funny nose, and is struggling to breathe. His oxygen numbers are lower than they have been since he was a little guy (few months old).... hopefully he'll pull through without needing more interventions than the usual pulmicort and albuterol.

Alex is also sick with RSV and is on his flovent, albuterol and prednisone.

Andrew is sick with cold/flu/who knows what.... on again off again fevers and a bad cold. Last night I got to see his dinner second hand when he vomitted all over his bed at 2 AM. :)

I hope tonight is a better night!

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earthmama said...

oh my. i don't know what to say. not caught up yet. read 1st post & scrolled through the photos. my heart aches for you! saying prayers, nonstop! can we talk this week? i am in the directory- call me ANY TIME! thinking of you. will read the whole shebang tomorrow after church. wishing you a peaceful night of rest.