Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today's Snippets

Alex, you were so cute last night.  You were talking with Daddy and then (seemingly) out of the blue, you said, "Daddy, when I turn 18 and go off to college, do you think Mommy will give me some of her recipes?  You know, like the ones in her little box by the stove."

Nathan, you were funny this afternoon.  I'm not sure whether the situation was really all that funny as I don't know whether you were having one of your "episodes".  But what you said was adorable.  :)

I was in the craft room helping Andrew with the computer when I heard a thud.  I knew that you were in the livingroom and that the other kids were playing down in the basement.  I called your name and you didn't respond.  Andrew and I ran into the other room and you were sprawled on the floor.  I asked if you were okay and got no response.  After a bit, you said, "fell off".  I asked if you had fallen off the couch and you said, "No, the ground".  I patted the couch and asked if you had fallen "from here" and you again, after some time said, "No, fall off ground.  Right here" and tapped the ground hear you.  It's not funny that you fell, but I LOVE your description of what happened... falling off the ground.  :)  Now if they could only figure out why you do these quirky things like falling backwards for no apparent reason!

Love you guys!  And my gal, Elizabeth!

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