Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snuggles with Big Sis

Nathan, I wrote about how blessed you are to have your older siblings.  You are especially blessed to have an older sister who adores you.
Elizabeth was in love with you before you were born. She asked about you all the time, and she loved to pat my belly. She was the only one of your siblings comfortable enough to visit you in the NICU. She made signs for your basinett and she came to hold you as often as she was allowed.

Here she is meeting you for the very first time.
She loved to talk with you when she thought no one was looking.
She came with us to bring you home from the hospital 23 days after you were born!
Her job - helping to carry your monitor and oxygen tank.... she loves to feel helpful.
First time holding you at home.
~ Our special delivery ~
Elizabeth may not dress you up in army costumes or chase you around with pretend guns, but she dotes on you, holds you, laughs with you, reads books to you, plays games with you, carries you around.  When you have babysitters, she is often the person you seek out for hugs or help.  You know that she cares about  you and will always be there for you.
Your favorite thing to do with Elizabeth - SNUGGLE!  Last week you walked up to her with your blanket and drink and said, "Snuggle you".  Then you said, "No say no!".  :)  You were determined to get your snuggle time with your big sis!


Kate said...

Oh my goodness - what a sweet post! I love the final picture the most. What is better than baby snuggles???

Amanda said...

Oh wow... this is so beyond precious... LOVE the sibling bond there... LOVE it all!!