Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Humor In Real Life

I was reading someone's blog lately (can't remember who) and they were sharing humorous things their kids had done.  It reminded me of our Christmas letters from years past and I went back and reread them.  Decided to post parts of our 2005 Christmas letter.

Humor in Real Life – Snippets from Life With the H Kids

• “Nice nap?” - Alex’s comment when I woke up after falling asleep reading books to him at bedtime

• Comments heard from the kids after we did two 360’s on the road driving home from the doctor’s office in a snow storm: Andrew - “Mommy, why we going round and round like a merry go round?” Elizabeth - “Why we going back to the doctor?”

• “Every time I make a homerun someone tags me out before I get to home plate!” (frequent comment by either of the twins while playing ball this summer)

• “What can you do?” (said with a shrug and a smile) - Alex’s comment to me after I jokingly told him he was “one expensive little boy” after we spent megabucks at the pharmacy for asthma medication for him.

• “Toast skins” – Elizabeth’s word for bread crust, which she does not like, by the way.

• “Mommy, when am I going to get an ear CONFECTION?” – Andrew’s question after longingly watching Elizabeth, who had an ear INFECTION, take her pink bubblegum flavored antibiotic.

• “Malia has earrings. I don’t know what number she is, but I think maybe she is a four. And Elizabeth is a four.” Andrew’s comment to me after I told Elizabeth that she had to be older before she could get her ears pierced. What a way to be helpful!

• “Daddy, will you please stop making that noise. My other clients don’t like it!” Elizabeth’s comment to Gordie when he got “silly” and started making growling noises while she was trying to “fix his teeth”. (When Daddy commented that he didn’t see any other clients, Elizabeth said, “The other doctors that are working for me are taking care of them.”)

• The first night Alex slept in his “big boy bed”, Andrew could be heard over the monitor saying, “Alex, I have a few suggestions for you….” He said, “If you get scared you can hug your blankie, or suck on your binkie or get a drink, but don’t call Mommy or Daddy unless you are really really really scared.”

Dialog between siblings:

Andrew – “Hey Elizabeth, do you want to see my truck?” (Pretend truck he made on the couch)

Elizabeth – “Okay”.

Andrew – Do you want to drive it?”

Elizabeth – “No thanks. Beautiful girls don’t drive trucks.”

Andrew – “Oh… but… um… you aren’t beautiful”

Elizabeth – (pause) “Hmm… Okay, I guess I’ll drive the truck.”

Blessings,  Kari


karina said...

I'm with Elizabeth, I'll drive the truck!

Very cute.

S.I.F. said...

I love kidisms! Always make me smile, so thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

LOL Had to laugh out loud to those... so precious!!

Be blessed-

Sonora said...

Hahaha! I love the dialog between kids!

Cop Mama said...

Oh so precious! What great memories for you! I love the..."um, you're not beautiful" quote. Too cute!