Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Humor In Real Life

Posting our Christmas letter from 2003.  I love looking back and remembering fun times with the kids.  Hope you do too.

You know that you are parents to three children under the age of 3 when…

• You change six diapers before you leave the house for work at 8 AM

• Your living room floor looks like a daycare center

• Sleeping in means that the kids slept until 7 AM

• You are up at midnight, 2 AM, and 5 AM – and that’s a good night!!!!

• You’re tired but you feel very blessed by the many joys 3 little ones can bring

Humor in Real Life – Snippets from Life With the H Twins

• Our babysitter was reading Andrew a book. Andrew seemed to really enjoy the book and when she got to the end of it he started squealing “Rewind” Rewind!” I guess he watches too many videos.

• Shortly after Alex was born I (Kari) was hospitalized for mastitis. The twins came to visit me and I was in the same room as after I gave birth to Alex. When Elizabeth walked in she said, “Other baby?” She was looking for another baby to bring home. The last time she had been there a baby came home, so….

• A comment from Elizabeth after we went blueberry picking, “Mommy I want strawberries, BLUE ones.”

• A comment from Andrew at the supper table. He was eating peas and picking them up one by one and holding them and saying something. It took me a bit to realize what he was saying, then I figured it out. He was saying “cuddle pea”. Before he would eat it, he would pick it up, hug it and then eat it.

• Elizabeth’s comments as she sat in the airplane waiting to take off, “just a little big noise. Just a little big noise.” Then, after the airplane took off, “Where ground go? Where ground go? I want my ground”

• Andrew, upon arrival at the Denver airport, “Mommy, I like this mall.”

• I was trying to get Elizabeth to go to bed, and asked her to turn her head so that she wasn’t facing Andrew. Later, I heard her talking to herself, “Time stop talking. Go night night. Head backwards. Mommy says.”

• The other day someone asked Elizabeth if Alex were her brother. She replied yes. They then asked if Andrew were her brother and she said, “No, he’s my buddy!”

• Elizabeth often acts as Andrew’s translator. The other day he kept asking me for something at lunch and I couldn’t figure it out. Elizabeth touched his arm and said, “It’s okay Anru. You tell me. I tell Mommy.” Andrew mumbled something to Elizabeth and she turned to me and said, “Fork please”. Perfect translation.

• Andrew and Elizabeth’s favorite activity is playing “elevator”. They’ve decided that the sliding door on the closet in the downstairs bedroom is an “elevator”. They pack up their backpacks and head into the bedroom with their flashlights. They stand in front of the closed door and push the “button” and wait for the elevator to come. Then they open the door, climb inside, shut the door, and say “elevator up”.


Sharon said...

I am so with you on the sleeping in is when they don't get up till 7am! That just started happening in the last few months with my daughter who just turned five!

I'm really LOL @ your humor in real life. I know how much funny stuff my one kid have enough material to make a book from your kids. :o)

Jenny Davis said...

That is so sweet! Good thing you wrote them down! I kick myself everytime Peter says something funny and then a few days later I can't remember it.