Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Nathan, you are one blessed little boy to have three older siblings.

I'm not thrilled with their love of guns and playing rough and I'm not thrilled that you're learning all their ways at such a young age.  But, I AM thrilled with the way that they dote on you and play with you.  You follow them around the house, marching, repeating back what they say, laughing.  So sweet. 

The boys have taught you to salute them!  You don't know any better and love it.  When it is time for you to take a nap or go to bed in the evening, the boys ask you for hugs and kisses.  You (usually) oblige... and then the boys say, "Salute Nathan" and you stand at attention and salute!

Just for fun, I went through pictures on my computer to find pictures of you with your siblings.  These are pictures of you and Andrew.  I remember Andrew holding  you in his lap for the first time.  He had been too anxious to try it when you were in the NICU.  When we were changing your oxygen tubing and you were temporarily free from wires, Andrew decided to give it a whirl.  He couldn't stop laughing at you.  He thought you were tickling his legs.
I have so many great memories of Andrew reading to you.  He would lie on the floor and spend long periods of time teaching you about helicopters and machinery.  You would stare wide eyed at the books hanging over your head and you would smile at Andrew.
Andrew pretty quickly got over his fear of holdling you and his fear of your "wires".  He still likes to hold you and is quick to help out when you need something.  You are quick to seek him out when you want something.
I think you are always going to have a special bond!


Anonymous said...

Cute. I love seeing sibling love each other when there are so many sibling rivalries now days.


Amanda said...

Oh gosh Kari.. this brought tears to my eyes!! Your kids are so beautiful, and so are you!