Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sea Turtles

Finally getting around to posting some more Hawaii pictures. Here are the long promised pictures of the sea turtles that we got to swim/snorkel with....

Simply. Amazing.
Christian, Elizabeth, Aunt Jan, Andrew, and Mama Bear ready to head out on our adventure. Our entire group.
Swimming out to the coral reef. I was so proud of how well the twins and Christian did. It was challenging for them but they hung in there! We swam out quite a way. Christian in front of the new hotel being built.
Andrew on top of the "raft". He had been hanging on to the side looking into the water, but then found himself face to face with a turtle... he spent the rest of the trip doing his best to see fish from on top of the board!Christian checking out the fish! Mama Bear having some fun! Elizabeth feeling more brave.

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