Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Horse Back Riding

Almost a week ago, Elizabeth and Malia got to enjoy a morning of horseback riding along the cliffs overlooking the ocean. I think you'll see from these pictures that the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Malia LOVES horses and according to her it was her "dream come true". She was all set to do it over again the next day. Looking at the horses in the field down below..... All smiles! Mama Bear asking the girls to pose for pictures... not as happy about that.....Elizabeth - nervous but also excited! Malia who grinned ear to ear the entire time!
Watching the horses again.....Uncle Robert joined the girls on the ride!Malia's horse, "Blue".On her horse at last!Riding along the bluff.

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JD said...

That looks like it would be an experience of a lifetime!! I love the pictures, and the smiles on the girls' faces. Isn't it neat to think that this is something they'll remember for the rest of their lives?

(Found you via BlogFrog community!)