Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jack Water

Elizabeth (age 8) is always writing... she goes through reams of paper each month and usually writes at least one poem/story a day. Here is one of her favorite stories. (I'll leave the spelling the same as she had it)


Once upon a time there was a little boy named Jack. He was flying a helacopter and it started crashing and he landed in the water. He got his snorkling stuff on and went under water. He saw dollphins, fish and a seahorse. Then Jack saw a cave and went in it to see what was in it. There was a stingray and a seaturtle. He wondered where he was in the midle of the Pacific Ocean. Then out of nowhere he saw gold. He ran over and touched it.

He wanted some food so he got out a speer and stabed a fish and ate it. After he ate he took out a map of the Pacific Ocean and found out that he was 300 miles away from California. But that was to far to swim but he brought his good luck charm so maybe that would help. So he said I wish I was 1 mile away from California. Nothing happened so he looked back at the gold and said it again.

Nothing happened so he said its five o'clock. I better find a spot to sleep for the night. He walked farther into the cave and the water was up to his nees. He took off his gear and said, "I guess that gold wasn't lucky after all." He found a rock and pulled out a blanket and went to sleep. In the morning Jack put back on his gear and went out of the cave and he was in California. He was very happy!

The end.

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