Saturday, January 31, 2009

You're A True Captain

The night of Alex's birthday Andrew came to me and said that he was going to do something "really super special" for Alex for his birthday. He said, "I think he's mature enough now." I was dying of curiosity. What was Andrew going to do? And what did he think Alex was mature enough to handle?

Andrew did not want anyone to know what he was doing. He hid away in the craft room for quite a long time and came back with a card in an envelop. When we went to open gifts at the family party, Andrew proudly handed Alex a card. He could hardly handle his excitement about sharing it with him.

He gave Alex a card that said, "Dear Alex. You are a true captain! From Andrew"..... that, folks, is about the highest compliment Andrew could give anyone.

To top it off, Andrew had also sorted through all of his army badges and picked out one for Alex. Alex could not have been more excited at Andrew's pronouncement. Wow... a true captain! Here are some pictures of Andrew sharing this card and gift with Alex.
This is Andrew sharing his Lego gift with Alex. Andrew prides himself in his ability to put together Lego sets. He was super excited to get Alex a set and to help him learn how to put it together.
These are pictures I took of the two boys together. I was trying to get a nice "formal" shot... however... these show their true personalities. :)
I hope these two are best buddies as they grow up - and Elizabeth and Nathan too!

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