Saturday, January 31, 2009


It finally happened. Daddy won the battle over Nathan's hair. My gorgeous, long, curly haired boy now has short, but thankfully still wavy, hair. Daddy is thrilled! Mommy... not so much. Mommy is having a hard time. We all know it isn't really about the curls.... it's about our last baby growing up! Nonetheless.....

I took dozens of pictures of Nathan before his hair cut.... as if that would console me! :) I don't want to see his curly hair. I want to touch it. I want to run my fingers through it as I rock him in the glider. I want to feel it on my face as I snuggle with him late at night.

Maybe it will grow back quickly?! And still be soft and curly??!!! Mommy hopes so. Daddy.... not so much.

In any case... here are the promised pictures of "hair day".
Our cheerful boy.
He looks like he is praying in this one...... "Please don't cut my hair!" LOL.
One last look at the long curls!
Sitting in the chair...
Hugging Mommy for dear life!
Hey.... I don't like this! And I'm about to let you know it!
Enough already!
Tracy is forgiven... I guess.
Sporting my new hairdo....
A side view. You can see it is still curly... and, actually, still somewhat long!


-RDW said...

He is still sweet enough to eat!
Anne W.

earthmama said...

Oh dear. I feel your pain! He is still just gorgeous though! You can't tell in the photos, but in person he looks older... a bit : )

How does a haircut do that? It's hard to have your little one age before your very eyes! Hang in there mama! So glad to see you on facebook and find your wonderful blog! GREAT pictures!!