Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas Pageant

I can't believe six weeks have gone by since I last "blogged". I've thought many times about writing... but... you know how it is with four little kids... things don't often happen the way you think they will. I haven't stopped taking pictures.... just haven't shared them. :)

Three of our four kids were in our church pageant this year.... and even though they weren't sure they'd like it and even though they complained about practicing, they had a GREAT time and are asking if we'll do it again next year. Mommy isn't so sure she's up to doing it again....

Hutch and I started dating soon after we worked on the church pageant together 10 years ago... we used the same costumes and backdrops from the play ten years ago! Hard to believe that the kids who were shepherds back then are seniors in high school this year! Elizabeth was part of the crowd scene, a magi, and an angel.Andrew enjoyed playing the part of a soldier! (Though you certainly can't tell that from these pictures. He's our "serious" boy most of the time)
Alex was a shepherd.

Joseph King Herod! Another Soldier! Mary Zachariah in the temple The littlest angel. Such a great smile! Love his blue eyes!

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earthmama said...

I didn't know these were up here! Great shots!!!