Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Year Older

Happy 6th Birthday Child #3/Boy #2. We love you!

Alex has gotten to enjoy a month of birthday celebrations.... an "immediate family" party on his actual birthday, an "extended family party" a few days later (which didn't actually happen as planned due to a snow storm - but Aunt Cathy, Uncle Bob, and Christie did come and Alex says he had his party!), and a "kid party" (Chef party) last weekend. He'll have his school party on February 16th. I sometimes feel bad for him that his birthday is so close to Christmas - but he doesn't mind one bit!

So what did Alex do the day he turned six? He found the birthday banner hanging from the fireplace. This is something that Grandma Ruth made and that we hang up for everyone's birthday. The kids love it!
He was treated to breakfast in the family restaurant run by Andrew and Elizabeth. They provided him with the following menu choices! I love the spelling and the added touch of, "all meals served with viamins (vitamins)"!
Alex got to choose his birthday dinner. What would our boy who calls himself a "bread connoisseur" choose? Let's see here....... cinnamon rolls.
French bread and Italian bread.
Bacon and sausage.
And Strawberries... because "you have to have something healthy"
They could hardly believe that Mommy was serving such a meal! There was much discussion about what the twins were going to have for their birthday menu.... and then much discussion about whether they could have separate birthday dinners, thereby multiplying their ability to have dinners with "only the good stuff".
Alex saying, "Come on Mommy, I'm starving. Enough with the pictures. Let me eat. Now.!"
Then came the gift opening.... but only after Mommy snapped a couple more pictures.
Much laughter....
Excitement at gifts from his siblings.
A picture of Elizabeth who deemed herself the "present holder" for the proceedings.
The birthday cake - a non traditional view.
Waiting to eat the cake!
A birthday funny. Alex received some puzzles from Meme. They were pictures of various parts of the human body. Alex said, "Thank you Meme. It's a good thing I have them. Now if I get stuck inside someone's body I can find my way out!"

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