Saturday, August 21, 2010

Letter From The Heart For Andrew

Dear Andrew,

I went upstairs to make your bed tonight and saw your favorite blue blanket lying on the bed.  I sat and fingered it for quite a while.  I can't believe that you went away for the weekend and didn't take your lovey with you... that's a first.  Don't get me wrong, I knew that this day would come.  Grownups don't sleep with childhood security blankets, so just as with other childhood needs like bottles, binkies, rocking in the chair before bed, I knew this would one day end.  It's just that this day snuck up on me.... another reminder of just how quickly you are growing up. 

It's not the fact that you didn't take the blanket.  It's the fact that when I finger this special Irish made blanket, I picture a little boy snuggling with it on my lap.  I picture a little boy playing the flat blanket game with it with his Daddy and his twin sister.  I picture all the times one of us has gone running to get it to soothe your tears.  I remember myself, body swollen with two babies kicking inside, as I opened the package with the two blankets, one pink and one blue, so excited about meeting our precious first children.  I picture you, my 5 pound newborn, my smiling infant, my inquisitive toddler who liked to give me "backward" hugs.

Please don't ever outgrow hugs, okay?  And please don't outgrow your love for telling me all about your day.


A picture from a few years ago of all three of you sleeping in a hotel bed together cuddled up with your blankets.  I think Alex wins the reward for being a wild sleeper!